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Are you looking to have a wood fence installed and live in or near Byron Georgia? We’re here to help! If you are looking for a fence for aesthetic reasons, wood fences are a beautiful addition to a residential home. It will greatly improve your property appearance.

We provide wood fence installation and aim to provide the highest quality of services that we offer including repair, maintenance and installation of wood fences. We use material that is high quality as we believe in only using the best. Your fence will be installed by our team who are well trained and skilled with plenty of experience.

We are a transparent and honest company and want to let you know there are a few disadvantages these fences may have such as rotting and splintering. However, because we use material that is high quality it will be less likely. We also strongly recommend to ask about our maintenance services after having it installed so that we can make sure your fence is in excellent condition to last longer.

Our team will be along your side for the entire process of installing your wood fence, from consultation to completing the project. We abide by all local laws and regulations and will work with you to assist in case you will need to register for any permits. When we complete the wood fence installation then we will remove any waste produced from the project so that your property will be left clean and safe. By doing this, you and your loved ones are kept safe from physical hazards. Call us now for a free quote.

Invest in your wood fence today. They not only provide safety and security, but also provides your property with a peaceful feeling as this type of fence is the traditional style, so it carries a classic and traditional feeling with it. We have different materials of wood that you may select from, whether you prefer Cedarwood or Redwood. And if you wish to have a different design such as a horizontal panel wood fences it is possible. If you are not sure what type of design or style you prefer, we are more than happy to help you with providing suggestions and answering any questions you may have. You can even install a gate in addition with your fence. Let us know what exactly you envision so that we can bring it to life! Call us today to receive your free estimate at (478) 310-2220.

Cost Effective

We offer very affordable and competitive rates among the area for all of our services. Luckily, wood fences may be more affordable than other types of fences due to the type of material and labor that goes into installation.


These fences go along with almost any type of residential property / home because they are classic. If you wish to change the design or decorate, you can even paint it if you wish to. There is a lot of flexibility that this kind of fence offers. Customize to your own preference.

Environmentally Friendly

Using wood, a natural material.


With maintenance your fence will be able to last much longer.

Simple Installation

We complete the entire installation process from beginning to finish and make sure that you are more than satisfied with the final product.

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Why Choose Us?
Strategic & Thorough Planning​​

We take pride in our careful and detailed planning to ensure you receive the best fence system.

Completion On Time​

We understand the importance of punctuality. We complete the job from start to finish.

Well Executed Projects

When we do the job, we will get it done the right way because we value integrity and believe in using proper methods, never any shortcuts.

Affordable Prices​

Prices don’t have to be high! That’s why we believe in making it affordable while still delivering the best quality.

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