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Wood fences have become a beautiful staple for many home communities in the states, especially Georgia. It is a very traditional fence style as opposed to other types. It can add class and elegance to one’s property with a classy design. A more simple style is also available if you desire a more modest look for your property.

We are the best fence company in the area to help you build the fence of your dreams. We believe in giving our customers nothing but the best. Given that, the material that we use to install fences are high quality. This is to ensure that your fence is secure and durable throughout its life. Our skilled technicians will provide the services that we offer, whether that means installing, keeping maintenance, or repairing your fence. Maintenance is strongly advised so that the fence can routinely be checked on. It will help it last much longer.

As wood is a natural material, it may or may not have some disadvantages of molding, rotting, and / or splintering. However high grade materials combined with maintenance will prevent these occurrences. There are different types of wood to choose from while some are higher quality than other types of wood but will also be more expensive because of their quality. The higher quality wood material will typically not have these types of issues, such as Cedar wood. If you are not certain yet of what type of wood you would like to use, please give us a call so we can help you select the best for your home!

We are here as a team to properly complete this project from start to finish; consultation all the way to installation. We will ensure that we leave nothing behind, especially any debris as a result from the construction work for you and your loved ones’ peace and safety. We also will make sure that there will be safety during the fence installation process.

If you have been thinking of installing a wood fence for your home in or near Gordon GA, be sure to contact us! It is a fantastic idea as they not only offer safety and security, but beauty as well. There are many different styles and designs to choose from so you can have a fence that compliments your home and property. For example, regarding panels, you can choose horizontal panels or vertical. Also, you can have a full privacy wood fence or if you prefer that it is not, you can also opt for a semi private wood fence. There are a number of possibilities and that’s where we can come in to help make a few suggestions if you are unsure. We are waiting for your call! If you have any questions or concerns about having a new and beautiful wooden fence installed for your home, give us a call today so that we can help you at (478) 310-2220.



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